Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ashatanga Yoga: the eight limb Yoga of Pantanjali

Ashtanga Yoga is a unique eight limb system of Yoga developed though many ancient physical, mental & spiritual practices. Ascribed to the ancient Sage or litterally " complier" Pantanjalithe way to receive benefits and experience your own musculature. By creating Vata, or heat through mental & physical Tapas or discipline. Primary practice is the effort to steady the mind and free practitioners from vrittis- a whirling of thought. First the aspirant must observe the Yamas, the moral codes of Astanga- no harm, satya - truthfullness,Sequencing poses that work all the muscles the body can begin to clear itself of tension and blockages created throughout our everyday lives.
It is a form of Yoga exercise and can be experienced in a flowing sequence at a beginner level all the way to a Power Yoga advanced class sequence.
The 'flow' is a variant of Sūrya namaskāra, the Sun Salutation. and this can be modified greatly at every level to ensure continual benefit and support of all muscular abilities.
This type of excessive will support benefit and continued growth physically and mentally.
It is important to practice carefully with a trainer or professional guide.

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