Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Now our practice begins...

Yoga is a practice of a focused mind built by the conscious actions of philosophical practice.
The foundation of Yoga in India is based on the writings of Pantanjali, who
during India's Mauryan Period (50 BCE) was attributed to compiling "The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali", the Indian scripture and foundational text of yoga.
Yoga and Raja Yoga are 2 of the 6 orthodox philosophical schools.

These are the backbone of Yoga Philosophy and Practice.
There is debate over when, where and who exactly wrote the work but somewhere between 2nd century BCE and 500 BCE.

The practice of Yoga allows for openness in the mind and body and it is a ritual of physical and mental purification.
Each Pose called an asana is a physical prayer and each has significant anatomical benefits.
For each person Yoga is different. This allows for individual growth.

-Enjoy your practice!

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